Olexander Sadovsky was born on February 17th, 1951 in the village Myronivka in the south of Vinnytsa region.

Olexander Sadovsky The true passion for arts came to him not very soon, but once, and for all.

In 1978 Olexander Sadovsky graduated from Odessa state art school named after V. Hrecov, and in 1984 graduated from the Kharkiv Art Industry high school. His teachers were Yevhen Bykov, Olexander Khmelnytsky, Leonid Chernov, excellent professors of monumental decorative arts.

From 1984 to 1993 Olexander Sadovsky worked as an artist in the Sumy Art Production Enterprises. Since 1993 he has been teaching composition, drawing and painting first at the Sumy high school of Arts and Culture and then at the Sumy State Pedadogical University.

In 2001 Olexander Sadovsky was awarded a title of Merited Artist of Ukraine.

In 2017 he was awarded a title of People’s Artist of Ukraine.

Olexander Sadovsky belongs to the creative generation of artists, who began their work in the years of the reconstruction of the country — time of powerful renaissance of Ukrainian national art. At first he devotedly created the monumental works. These works now are the pride of Sumy — great or small by size, they are always marked by his energy and inspiration, his daring thought, original solution, feeling of refined tastes and his impeccable artistry.

The range of artist’s interests is tremendously wide — from history to private life or even to mysticism. The embracing manner of artist’s handwriting, laminate layers of his colors, energetic strokes of his paint brush, huge sizes of canvasses, allegory and mythology — these are not the full list of features of Sadovsky’s creative manner.

The very prolific period of artist activity is marked by his abstractionist works where he has expressed his extraordinary (excellent, distinguished) ability to feel the subtle colors and the compositional harmony of the work. Even though this period has lasted only couple of years, the artist acquired the excellent experience in painting. When, as it seemed to him, he had exhausted his abstract themes, he had felt again for the constant search, he returned to painting of genre compositions. His latter works, enriched by master’s previous experience, became more picturesque, artist’s manner distinctly shaped itself and his world-outlook has widened profoundly.

The tireless inventor, fanatically devoted to his favorite art, Olexander Sadovsky is constantly in the state of search of the new forms, plots, manner. The artist always longs for meeting this miracle, which is called Creation.